Hana Tsu-Vachel

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Hana never knew her parents although she knew one of them was French and one of them was Chinese. She was raised by the Triads in its "Black Inns" of Shanxi. It wasn't love and compassion that made an adult of her and it wasn't love and compassion that she would show when she became a woman. Trust no one, love no one. 
She is a mercenary. She masters many languages, drives any vehicle on wheels, pilots anything with wings and kills with everything that had a barrel and bullets. Raised by Triads means owned by Triads. Hana doesn't expect much from live but she is determent to one day pay off the contract with the Triads a to do so she has to make many. Has to take on the dangerous jobs from organizations like The Company, where experiments in genetic engineering are done.
One day Hana visited the grave of her parents at Jing Sum Temple. There, beneath a painting of the Eight Immortals she found a beaten up body of an unconscious girl. Hana wasn't looking foor company nor did she made it a habit to show pity, but for some reason she took the girl to her home and nursed her. The name of the girls was Rain Qin, but that was about all the girl remembered when she regained consciousness. Her memory was lost.
Rain discovered the many skills the blonde blue eyed woman had and Rain became a full partner of the dark haired rain. And lover.
Game series Fear Effect, Eidos Interactive, Kronos Digital Entertainment, 2000
Artwork taken from the first game and from  the second game, 2001, Retro Helix.
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