Modesty Blaise

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During the last months of the war a girl escapes a concentration camp in Greece. She doesn't know what had happened nor who she is. She is just trying to escape. She stays alive by stealing. Through Turkey she arrives with a group fugitives at the Persian border. In a camp there she helps an old man called Lob when he is being robbed. She scares off the attackers with a self made knife. He teaches her important things and gives her a name, Modesty. Four years she and the old man live as nomads, stealing food to eat and books to learn from. One time he tells her the story about King Arthur and Merlin. The master of Merlin is a man called Blaise and Modesty chooses that name as her second name. When on their way to Tangier the old man dies. Modesty gets involved in real crime, becomes queen of the underworld and soon she's head of her own gang, The Network. In these years, in Saigon, she meets Willie Garvin and he will become her life long companion.
Six years later she abandons her life of crime and her network and buys an apartment in London and Willie a pub near the Thames. Then Modesty comes in contact with sir Gerald Tarrant, head of a British intelligence agency. From then on both she and Willie start doing jobs for Tarrant that has to be done for one reason or another. And that is also where the series starts.
Series Modesty Blaise, Beaverbrook Newspapers ltd. 1980
For the Dutch edition Series Miranda Blaise (1980) and Modesty Blaise (1997), Panda
Series first published in The Evening Standard 1963-2001
In Holland Algemeen Dagblad
Artwork taken from La Machine, Hell Makers and Take Over
Story: Peter O'Donnel, Artwork: Jim Holdaway
Jim Holdaway did the first 18 stories. 
Artwork taken from ???, Veel liefs van Rufus and De onwillige chaperonne
Artwork: Enrique Badia Romero
He did the stories 19 to 41, then worked on hid own girl Axa and later did the stories 61 to 95
Artwork taken from Green Cobra and Eva and Adam
Artwork: John Burns (41-43) Artwork: Patrick Wright (43-44)
After that Neville Colvin did five stories (45-60) and then Enrique Romero took over again until the end of the series in april 2001. There has been 95 adventures.
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