Red Lotus

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 Red Lotus can get a sum of gold when she kills all creatures in a dungeon. She can fight with many weapons, including swords, blunderbuss, fire lance, bombs. She knows also a magic trick or two. 

Fang, the Town Of Lost Souls, once known as the Town Of Plenty is ruled with an iron fist by the tyrant Byron Sukumvit. Deep in the hillside overlooking Fang, he built a labyrinth of trap-filled passageways and rooms populated by stomach-churning creatures of evil. He named it Deathtrap Dungeon. 
All those who opposed him were despatched to the dungeon. None came out alive. Yet the Baron was a gambling man at heart and loved notoriety. He let it be known that anybody in the lands beyond Fang would be welcome to enter the dungeon of their own free will. If they killed the supreme beast - Melkor The Red Dragon - and came out alive he would offer a purse of 10,000 gold pieces and the freedom of the town of Fang. 
The first year, seventeen brave warriors attempted "The Walk" as it later came to be known. Not one reappeared. 

Game Deathtrap Dungeon, © Asylum Studios, 1998
Game based on the books by Ian livingstone
The two good pictures down here IŽve taken from the internet, but I donŽt know where from.

Designers: Richard Halliwell, Andrew Wensley, Steve bristow, Jamie Thomson, Charlie Bewscher. Programmers: Matt Curran, Phil Drinkwater, Tim van Klooster, Ruud Campsteijn, Lee A. Briggs, Stelios Michael, Paul Morris, Jurjen Katsman. Artists: Matt Bagshaw, Charlie Bewsher, Mike Leslie, Mark tatham: Additional Art: Leigh Christian, John Evans, Alan Hayburn, Lesteyn tronson, Michael Leslie, Kieron Helsdon. Sounds: Mike Ash, Steve Monk. FMV storyboard: Ian Livingstone, Matt bagshaw.



This is how red lotus looks like in the magazine...


I started playing computer games because of the Tomb Raider series. And these are still my favorites. But this much underrated Deathtrap Dungeon game comes close and at times I don't know which one I like most. Red Lotus or Lara Croft. (You can play the game with  a guy as playable character, but who wants to play a game with a guy? I don't even know his name, )
About the story, there is none. Red Lotus can get a sum of gold when she kills all creatures in a dungeon and that's it. And it's hard to explain why this game can compete with a Tomb Raider game. Red Lotus looks terrible at times in the game. Everything that should be round and soft is hard and sharp. Often the creatures you have to kill look better. The 3D world she lives in isn't nearly as good and sophisticated as Lara's world and instead of beautiful music and well timed sound effects Deathtrap Dungeon has a raw repeating soundtrack.
But then look better. The games has something other games lack. When you use your sword the right way, heads of your enemies fly through the air, blood splashes all around and if you wait,  big, slow drops form, hanging on the ceiling and then dropping down. It's a detail, I know, but it works. As I said, Red doesn't look too good, but the animation is nicely done. She tiptoes, walks and runs, climbs (a bit embarrassing to look at), jumps and, most important, fights as no one before her. You really have the feeling you can use the sword as a real one. And there is the blunderbuss, the bombs, the fire lance. Everything in the game fits. Places you visit are weird. But somehow it's like you've been there before. Like the killing clowns in the circus. It's a good game. And a tough one. Enemies don't always attack when you enter a room. Sometimes you can spot a glimpse of them, roll one of your bombs and blow them away before they see you.  Another little detail. There are the nice green or red dressed ladies. They often attack in pairs. Some of them fight with two swords. When you hit the defense button and the look button at the same time, they can't hurt you. And you can observe them. One of the ladies keeps trying to break your defense, hacking with her two sword. The other does too, but every once in a while, one of the two stops her attack and starts manicuring her fingernails. I wish I could get it on a photograph. I love this game. Even the repeating soundtrack somehow revs you up without noticing it. And when one of these aluminum looking doors slide open, the sound of it tells you, there's something behind it that's not friendly.
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