The song


The list of songs is taken from Olof Björner's website, chapter Still On The Road. Songs that are not on that list are taken from Clinton Haylin's books The Songs Of Bob Dylan Volumes 1 and 2.

Remaining songs, mainly those which are not written by Bob Dylan, are from the website Searching For A Gem, Bob Dylan's Officially Released Rarities and Obscurities


The full text of each song is given at least once. It is taken from the first officially released album, including Greatest Hits albums, the Bootleg Series or other collections. Songs that are not on those albums are taken from bootlegs or from internet. Sometimes other takes are very different than the original released take and in that case that other text is also written down


All transcriptions are my own. I have not used the official song book. The lyrics are as sung. Off course I sometimes check the transcriptions on other sites like Dylanchords, Olof Björner's Words Fill My Head, Dylyricus, Untold Dylan etc. and where needed I correct myself


The variations


The main song text is used as the base. All other takes from the song, being studio outtakes or live recordings, are compared to this main song. In the case of studio outtakes all variations in the lyrics, however small, are noted.

For variations in the live recordings the very small variations are omitted for obvious reasons

Lines enclosed by (round brackets) are lines sung by other artists, as in duets

Words or lines enclosed by [square brackets] are words or lines that are not really clear or understandable but sounds like the enclosed words

Question marks enclosed by square brackets [???] means that the words or lines are unintelligible for my Dutch ears


The source


Next to each line with alternate text is a code which tells the source of the recording

In case of a live recording you'll find the date recording, followed by the city the event took place

In the section The tapes you can find more data about that concert


In case of a studio recording, you'll find, after the date, the code of the recording session


ASOBDRS = Another Side Of Bob Dylan recording session

BDST = Bob Dylan recordings session

BIABHRS = Bringing It All Back Home recordings session

BOBRS = Blonde On Blonde recordings session

BOTTRS = Blood On The Tracks recordings session

CITHRS = Christmas In The Heart recordings session

DITGRS = Down In The Groove recordings session

DRS = Desire recordings session

EBRS = Empire Burlesque recordings session

GAIBTYRS = Good As I Been To You recordings session

H61RS = Highway 61 Revisited recordings session

IRS = Infidels recordings session

JWHRS = John Wesley Harding recordings session

KOLRS = Knocked Out Loaded recordings session

LATRS = Love And Theft recordings session

MTRS = Modern Times recordings session

NMRS = New Morning recordings session

NSRS = Nashville Skyline recordings session

OMRS = Oh Mercy recordings session

PG&BTKRS = Pat Garreth & Billy The Kid recordings session

PWRS = Planet Waves recordings session

RARWRS = Rough And Rowdy Ways recordings session

SITH/FARS = Shadows In The Night and Fallen Angels recordings session

SKRS = Shadow Kingdom recordings session

SLRS = Street Legal recordings session

SOLRS = Shot Of Love recordings session

SRS = Saved recordings session

SRS = Selfportrait recordings session

STCRS = Slow Train Coming recordings session

T3RS = Triplicate recordings session

TBTRS = The Basement Tapes recordings session

TFBDRS = The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan recording session

TOOMRS = Time Out Of Mind recordings session

TRS = Tempest recordings session

TTLRS = Together Through Life recordings session

TTTAACRS = The Times They Are A-Changin’ recording session

TTW1RS = The Travelin' Wilburies Volume 1 recording session

TTW3RS = The Travelin' Wilburies Volume 3 recording session

UTRSRS = Under The Red Sky recordings session

WGWRS = World Gone Wrong recordings session


Next to the mentioned code there is the take number of that particular song. Usually, the take number is shown like this, #1.

Sometimes the take number is shown like $1. In that case the take number given by the producer of the album does not match the take number Bjorner has given on his website. $ is the take as mentioned on the album'. # is the take number as mentioned in Bjorner's list.

Where it says $R, $B, $C or $FS it means Rehearsal, Breakdown, Complete or False start


Songs used


At the bottom of each song there's a list of recording dates of songs I have used so far. It's just a means for me to keep track of what I have done already.

Dates written in italics are takes of poor quality, often too poor to be of use. More information on the song is to be found in The Tapes


The Tapes


This is, as I mentioned earlier, part of the list Olaf Bjorner collected on his website in the chapter Still On The Road. Used here are only the recording sessions and live performances I have in my collection. Each song is accompanied by the album I have used. Usually this will be an officially released albums, either being a Dylan album or someone else's album Dylan recorded a song for. But it often will be a bootleg

When only a date is mentioned, then the source is internet (often YouTube), copies of bootlegs, tapes etc