Dad's army. Bijdrage De Oude Jacob

Dad and his brother in law made his army in the early sixties. The soldiers and canons are made of lead. That was cheaper than tin. He had cut out the mould from square pieces of steel with a chisel. The army was supposed to become a game. He worked for a year on it, all parts were finished then. There were also ships as you can see and castles. My mother helped with painting the soldier. The physical part of the battle was over. But when it came to come up with the rules for the game, dad surrendered. Dad's army was a great project that remains unfinished.. dadsarmy02 dadsarmy03 dadsarmy04
dadsarmy05 dadsarmy06 dadsarmy07 dadsarmy08
dadsarmy09 dadsarmy10 dadsarmy11 dadsarmy12
dadsarmy13 dadsarmy14 dadsarmy15 dadsarmy16